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Sify Network Migration Issues

In most of the post offices were infected by viruses due to Sify network migration. I have Discussed with Most of the SAs in our Dept. Of Posts, They told "Before Network Migration our Server/Client PCs are working without any issues but after Migration Most of the PCs were infected by Virus".

Just for Info  : Sify Router

  • Sify Router were mounted in each and every post offices for Network Migration and Sify engineer's will come and then configure the Router using Own Laptop / Remote PC.
  • Sify Router configuration will be stored on Small Chip / Memory card inside the router.


Virus can easily spread out through memory card / Flash drive / Any other Removable drive. i.e drive which have permission to read and write the file.

Most Common virus in the Network and Issues

Most common virus spread out through sify network 
  1. Win32.Virut.CF / Win32.virut.
  2. Generic Host.


  • Win32.Virut : 
These type of virus can easily enter into exe file(DOP Application) other than compressed file. While open infected Application( i.e infected by Win32.virut) it will spread out entire Machine.
Main Issues:
  1. It will infect .Net related application such as eMO Module, eMO Client, EPayment Client, R Net Communication and Pincode Directory.
  2. While open those infected application it shows an error message as "Application failed to initialize".
So many solutions are available in website, but none of the solution will help to open the those .net related application and we are not able to fix Application failed to initialize. 
Prevention is better than cure
So you should install Symantec v11 or v12 for prevent your machine from win32.virut.
  • Generic Host:
Network Related virus, it blocks the entire network of infected machine. In case you server machine infected by Generic Host virus, you machine will work smoothly for particular period without any issues(1hour or 2 hours). 
After that Network was blocked by Generic host virus and not able to access the Entire network.
Actually we don't have any proper removal tool for the generic host issues. Once we have to restart the infected machine to access the blocked network by generic host. this is an temporary Solution.

Permanent Solution for Win32.virut/Generic Host infected Machine

Format the Infected Server / Client machine to over come the above issues. 

Prevention steps

But we can prevent the machine from those virus attacks from sify Network. Prevention process testing on progress and it will available in PoTools Shortly.


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