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Prepared By: DCTC Ahmedabad City Division

COD Parcel Receiving Procedure:

For Get electronically data for
COD Articles >Invoicing > Parcels >
  • Bag Receiving ( Ctrl + T)

Select the Bag type and enter the

  • Bag Number
  • Office of Desptch
  • Click on OK.

Click on Parcel Bag Opening (Ctrl+N) 
  • Enter the bag number > Select the article type and enter the article number.
  • After receiving of articles click on OK.

COD Message Request

Login as Supervisor
Click on Tools 
  • Request-Resend Parcel COD Booking Data.
This menu Show only those articles whose electronically data is not received.
  • Select the article number and click on Send Request Button.
  • Run "Rnet Communication" after Request sent to Central Server.
Click on 
  • COD Articles > Articles for Delivery > Post Sorting (Ctrl + K) for invoice to Postman.
Select the Beat Number for issue and click on Fetch button, select article numbers and click on 
Delivery Slip Snaps:

Dispatch Mismatch Pincode COD Articles

If article book with wrong pincode, it will not fetch in Post Sorting. Such article will show in 
  • COD Articles > Dispatch Pincode Mismatch COD.
  • Select the article number and click on "Return to Sender" Button.

COD Article Returns

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