Thursday, 12 September 2013


If you have two hard drives in your PC, a good means of improving the output of the principal disc (i.e. that which contains the operating system) consists in moving the files ''Temporary Internet Files'', ''temp'' and the file of exchange (also called ''Swap'') on the hard drive where Windows 2000/XP is not installed.
Attention, for this method, one speaks well about two physical hard drives and not about two partitions resulting from the same disc.
By definition, one will call first disc that which contains your operating system, the second hard drive containing for example your data.
Initially, we will move the file ''Temporary Internet Files'', or rather will make so that the new way of this repertory is on the second disc.
For that, create a file of the same name on the second hard drive (or you want) via the explorer or the work station.

Then, open the control panel, then choose ''Internet Option''.
Go in the ''General'' tab, and then click on the button ''Parameters''.
In the new window which has just appeared, click on ''Moving the file...''
It any more but does not remain you to show the way of the repertory than you created before
The second phase will consist in moving the file ''temp''.
Here also, it is necessary to create a file with the same name on the second hard drive.
Right click on the ''Work station'' then ''Properties'' and in the ''Advanced'' tab click on the button ''Variables of environment''.


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